Episode 553

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15th May 2024

Putting People First When Scaling with Cameron Bawden

If you were a teenager dreaming of your entrepreneurial future, do you think you’d ever imagine that you’d end up creating and running a pest control company, a marketing agency, a commercial cleaning service, and a tinted car window company? Well, that's what today’s guest did. And he’s got the scars to prove it.

In this episode, Cameron Bawden shares his unique approaches to scaling multiple businesses, shooting high for revenue goals, and combining his love of flying helicopters with podcasting.

An entrepreneurial trailblazer who has co-founded multiple successful ventures (Green Mango Pest Control, Hype Pharm Agency, Coconut Cleaning, and Agave Auto Glass) and is just getting started, Cameron is passionate about connecting with fellow business owners and driving growth. He’s also the host of the “Flying High with Cam” podcast, which he records while flying in his chopper (yes you read that right), and the co-host of “The Premium Mindset” podcast.

Key topics that Bill and Cameron explore in this episode:

- Cameron shares his story of growing a pest control business from small beginnings to over 100 trucks.

- Balancing marriage and business.

- The challenges of scaling a business while maintaining a personal life.

- Setting boundaries with family and team, and how that has improved Cameron’s work-life balance.

- Emphasizing quality over cheap prices, and prioritizing long-term customer relationships.

- Creating a positive work environment, citing it as the key to retaining employees and fostering a sense of family among team members.

- The need to let go of long-tenured employees as the company grew, acknowledging that different roles require different skill sets and mindsets.

- Not settling for mediocrity.

- Committing to continuous growth and improvement.

- Cameron’s experience working with a life coach, which led to scaling up his business and significant revenue growth.

- Reading 20 minutes daily to improve business skills.

- Cameron’s plans to grow revenue from $50 million to $250 million in 3-5 years.

Thanks to Cameron Bawden for being on the show!

Connect with Cameron on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameron-bawden-106976102/

Check out Cameron’s companies:

- Green Mango Pest Control: https://greenmangopest.com

- Coconut Cleaning: https://coconutcleaningco.com

- Agave Auto Glass: https://agaveglass.com

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