Episode 555

Published on:

22nd May 2024

Creating The Best Employee Experience with John DiJulius

Since we all know that employee unhappiness impacts customer happiness, why do we often overlook employee morale, retention, and job satisfaction? 

In this episode, Bill and his guest, John DiJulius, get into the nitty-gritty of employee experience and customer satisfaction. Their discussion underscores the need for leaders to set the tone and create a workplace where employees feel valued and supported, leading to increased profitability and employee retention.

John DiJulius is a rock star in the worlds of customer service and employee experience. He is also the author of The Employee Experience Revolution and the host of the Customer Service Revolution Podcast. 

Key topics that Bill and John explore in this episode: 

- How the customer experience and employee experience are intertwined. 

- The frustration of platitudes related to customer service, such as “Take really good care of your customers” and “Treat your customers the way you want to be treated.” 

- John’s obsession with improving customer and employee experiences.

- Providing a unique and memorable experience for guests. 

- How John's research led to the development of customer experience methodology. 

- The following question, that business leaders and owners often ask themselves: Why do we hang on to employees who don't improve?

- Knowing when it's time to move on from a job or employee.

- Prioritizing employee well-being for business growth.

- The importance of painting a clear picture of career growth opportunities for your employees.

- Connecting with employees through understanding their goals and personal lives. 

- Understanding employees' personal goals to create meaningful incentives.

- The five F's of personal planning: financial, fitness, family, faith, and future.

- Observing how job candidates behave during job interviews, rather than just focusing on their answers.

- Why do major companies often hire people who fit their values and empower them to resolve issues

- Why great customer service starts with happy, engaged employees.

Thanks to John DiJulius for being on the show! 

Connect with John on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dijulius/ 

Get John’s book: The Employee Experience Revolution: Increase Morale, Retain Your Workforce, Drive Business Growth: https://thedijuliusgroup.com/product/the-employee-experience-revolution-pre-sale/

Subscribe to John’s podcast: The Customer Service Revolution: https://thedijuliusgroup.com/the-customer-service-revolution-podcast/ 

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