Episode 549

Published on:

1st May 2024

Changing Your Future With Acquisitional Wealth with Josh Tolley

How can you, as an entrepreneur, take your first steps toward buying and selling businesses? 

Do you agree, like my guest, that most businesses should never be owned longer than six years? 

In this episode, Bill Gallagher talks with Josh Tolley, an expert in flipping businesses. Josh is the chairman of a business brokerage company that buys, builds, operates, and sells companies in finance, spirits, birthing centers, professional sports, and other industries. 

Key topics that Bill and Josh explore in this episode: 

- Josh shares insights from his recent book, Acquisition of Wealth, on creating life-changing prosperity.

- The importance of perseverance and learning from failures in acquiring business success.

- Saving vs. investing for wealth, with a focus on business ownership. 

- Why saving your way to wealth can become like chasing a moving target.

- The power of buying businesses for profit over real estate.

- Buying vs starting a business. 

- The distinction between small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

- Why buying an existing business is often more efficient than starting one from scratch.

- Flipping businesses, using  Warren Buffett as an example. 

- Warren Buffett invests in companies, keeps profits for himself.

- Acquiring a 20-year-old business with a skilled employee as CEO can yield higher returns than starting a new venture.

- Flipping businesses every 5-7 years is more profitable than holding onto one.

- Equity gained from flipping a business can be used to buy a more valuable business.

- Josh advises against listening to “Instagram experts” who recommend buying, say, a laundromat or car wash. 

- Common mistakes business owners make when selling their companies. 

- Business owners often lack a clear exit strategy, leading to problems when it's time to sell.

- Entrepreneurs must set up their businesses to run without them. 

- Entrepreneurs struggle with identity issues when their businesses fail or they sell them.

Thanks to Josh Tolley for being on the show! 

Learn more about Josh: https://www.joshtolley.com 

Get Josh’s book: Acquisitional Wealth: The Fastest, Most Proven Way to Create Life-Changing Prosperity: https://amzn.to/3UbD560 

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